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Caring Connections has been a cooperative program between the Bangor Region YMCA and Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) since 1996.  Their mission is to improve the physical and emotional healh/wellness of individuals in eastern Maine.  They travel to communities doing outreach and education about cancer screenings, their cancer support services, as well as other local services.


Caring Connections provides free breast and cervical screening to women who financially qualify, in conjunction with EMMC and the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program, along with assistance with transportation if needed.  Should a woman enrolled in Caring Connections need further diagnostic testing or treatment for breast or cervical cancer, these services would be provided at no cost through EMMC.  


Caring Connections staff also provide advocacy and support services to cancer patients including; attending appointments and taking notes, support groups for those with breast cancer and men with prostate/testicular/or penile cancers, educational offerings, referrals to community services, annual breast cancer survivor retreat, as well as organizing family activities.


Caring Connections offers the complementary energy therapy, Healing Touch (HT) for a fee to members and non-members of the Bangor YMCA.  Caring Connections also offers Healing Touch sessions to those undergoing active cancer treatment as well as cancer survivors and caregivers, requesting any size donation in return for these complementary services. 


Caring Connections also offers a free, 3 month long LIVESTRONG at the YMCA exercise program fro cancer survivors.

Caring Connections provides cancer prevention education within middle, high school and community settings and offers other health related educational programs as well.

Please visit the Caring Connections website to learn more about these programs and services by clicking the link below.. 

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